Q: How does Artventures work?
If you are an individual, it is a simple subscription service. But instead of yet another 'service' this time, you enjoy authentic, original, true Art. In your space. You can choose 6/12/24 months’ subscription. Every 2 or 3 months, depending on what you choose, we will bring you a new work of Art, tailored to your tastes as they arose from your Personality Test, and we will take the previous one. All shipping costs etc. are included in the subscription. Of course, you can buy any work available at any time, and keep it yours forever.
If you are a business or represent a company or a hotel, it is an Art leasing service. You can choose 6/12/24 months or longer contracts depending on your needs. An Art Advisor from our team will visit your site and help you choose the best solutions for your business. You can change some or all of the Artwork every 6/12/24 months, and of course as in any case, buy any work available. The advantages of investing in Art as well as the Leasing solution are many and in many levels.

Q: What options do I have?
We add new artists and new works of art every day to our collection. We started with a few hundred works by Greek artists, and we have already reached a large number of works and artists, of all categories, so we’ll always provide you with something you will enjoy.

Q: What about transportation?
Transfers to and from your premises are free of charge. Whether you try the first Artwork to come to you, or grow your collection, you'll pay nothing more for transport.

Q: Can I buy a piece that I have rented?
Of course, if you discover a piece you love after tasting it at home, we want you to keep it. And don't forget that you are buying original works of art. Prices for original works of art are set by the artists and vary from piece to piece. Usually, they range from € 300 to € 5,000. Contact us here to ask about a specific piece.

Q: Can I buy more than one piece?
Absolutely! We want you to try out artwork in your home so you can discover the pieces you really love. If you happen to fall in love with more than one project, you'll be able to buy them all.

Q: How often can I change the art I have at home?
As often as you want! We believe you will soon find out that renewing art is a lot of fun.

Q: Can you send me new pieces of art every two months?
Yes, that's exactly what we do. You adjust the frequency of rotation.

Q: What if I want pieces from artists who are not in your collection?
Send them to us! We are always looking for talented young artists. If there are any you would like to see at Artventures, then send us links to their personal websites and we'll check them out. You can contact us herehere.

Q: My question has not been answered. Where can I send my question?
Ιf your question does not answer above, you can contact us herehere.